The Valley Sculptors Exhibition


The Aliens Pets and I are off to an exhibition in Levin at Te Takere. Marla is joining Perisha and Gosia to this exhibition.
I’m part of a sculptor group called The Valley Sculptors,
Brett Keno and David Saunders. We all work in Oamaru Stone.


4-30 March 2017
Te Takere
10 Bath Street
Levin, Horowhenua

4 Artsake Gallery – Ohope screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-8-48-43-pm

Drock, Benedict, and Banko from the Alien Pet Series have gone to the 4 Artsake Gallery in Ohope.
They will there over the 2016 December – 2017 Summer.

23 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohakana Island, Ohope 3121.

Drock,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx450Lx300Dmm|$1200

Drock,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx450Lx300Dmm|$1250

Benedict,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx480Lx300Dmm|$1200

Benedict,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx480Lx300Dmm|$1250

New Zealand Garden and Art Festival 2016

New family of Alien Pets ready for departure to Tauranga on Wed, 16 Nov.

I am working on my next family for the AlienPets Series for Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival 2016 in Tauranga. 17-20 November 2016.

Shapeshifter Sculpture 2016

My pets are installed at Shapeshifter 2016.

CLAUDE – is the old wise one. He has the cross on his back from the Knights Templar. He is vulture/peacock body with the ancient Sphinx feet.

ELEMOON – is the musician. With her Violin, Cello back, Piano legs and Accordion backside.

KARSHA – is the puppy, looking for someone to play with. Her playmate Poptar is in the glasshouse at Shapeshifter. Keep a lookout for her. She is the baby of the family.

Installed Shapeshiter 2016

26 February – 20 March
Lower Hutt Riddiford Gardens






I am working on my creatures to go in this years Shapeshifter in Lower Hutt.
Introducing Elemoon, Claude, Karsha. All made from Oamaru stone.

Facet Dog 2

Facet Dog 2 has gone to his new home.

Facet Dog 2|Oamaru Stone|SOLD

Facet Dog 2|Oamaru Stone|SOLD




Leopard 2

Leopard 2 is finally in her new home. She is in a lovely setting with Native bush, sheep, Hazel the dog and a lovely family. I think she will be very happy there.

Leopard 2

Leopard 2


Thinker goes to ‘Scape Sculpture Park

Thinker is on site at ‘Scape Sculpture Park in 91 Parenga Road, RD 2 Otaki 5582, New Zealand.

Thinker with Bee‘Scape Sculp­ture Park is located on pri­vate prop­erty in rural Kapiti. The Park’s own­ers, Snow Pratt and Bee Doughty-Pratt own the property.

View­ing of works exhib­ited at the Park will usu­ally occur dur­ing one of the sched­uled Exhi­bi­tions —
The next exhibition is Kapiti Arts Trail Open Novem­ber 15 Sat­ur­day & 16 Sun­day
Their website is




Facet Dog Expressions

Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre

836 Fergusson Drive
Upper Hutt
28 June – 10 August 2014 | Mount Marua Gallery


Shapeshifter 2014

Shapeshifter ends 16 March. If you haven’t been yet it is open every day from 11am to 7pm.
I have been fortunate as my sculptures will be wrapped up to go to their new homes.

On site at Shapeshifter 2014 sculpture exhibition

It was a nerve racking day for me watching my sculpture being loaded up.
When we got there I nervously approached an official looking person to ask where I should go. He instantly put my fears at rest with his warmth and friendliness. As the day progressed I found that this was standard behaviour from all the staff who are the Lower Hutt Rotary people. Everything was well organised, delicious food and caring people. I was taken to my spot which was perfect and exactly what I had asked for. The wonderful forklift came and the cat was put in place and looks very happy there.

Shapeshifter 2014

I am working on my sculpture for the Shapeshifter exhibition in 22 Feb – 17 Mar.
My biggest fear at the moment is how to get my sculpture to the show safely.

Shivaun’s Studio and Gallery 1st Opening

We had a beautiful day for the very first exhibition opening at Shivaun’s Studio and Gallery.
On display was my Amur Leopard sculpture and my fellow artists artwork of drawings and paintings; Paul Nicholson, Bridgette Williams and Julia Clapham.
Madison Hogan and Derrick Auyoung sang for us and Cheryl Johansen read a moving poem.
It was a lovely day and I will be having more events and exhibitions in the future.

Studio Open

My art studio and gallery is open by appointment. 04 563 6444 or 027 428 8444


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