5th Annual South Wellington Art Show.

This is SWIS-South Wellington Intermediate’s biggest annual fundraiser. Showcasing and selling fabulous art from the Wellington region.
I’m exhibiting three pieces. Dual, Junctions and Moving Through.
Friday, 13 September – Sunday, 15 September 2019.
Opening Fri 7pm. Door sales $22
Sat and Sun 10am-4pm
30 Waripori St, Berhampore, Wellington 6021

NZ Art Show

I have three sculptures in the NZ Art Show 2018. I have just dropped them off. They can be see at the TSB arena in Wellington on the wharf. Only over Queens birthday.

Stylised Dogs

I am pleased to show the first of my new work of stylised dogs. These ones are Miniature Schnauzer dog. This is Benson made with Oamaru stone. He is off to live in Tauranga. His size is about 430Hx550Lx300mm. I am working on Lockie another Miniature Schnauzer who is nearly finished. Gallery


The Valley Sculptors Exhibition


The Aliens Pets and I are off to an exhibition in Levin at Te Takere. Marla is joining Perisha and Gosia to this exhibition.
I’m part of a sculptor group called The Valley Sculptors, Brett Keno and David Saunders. We all work in Oamaru Stone.

4-30 March 2017
Te Takere
10 Bath Street
Levin, Horowhenua

4 Artsake Gallery – Ohope screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-8-48-43-pm

Drock, Benedict, and Banko from the Alien Pet Series have gone to the 4 Artsake Gallery in Ohope.
They will there over the 2016 December – 2017 Summer.

23 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohakana Island, Ohope 3121.

Drock,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx450Lx300Dmm|$1200
Drock,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx450Lx300Dmm|SOLD
Benedict,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx480Lx300Dmm|$1200
Benedict,2016|Oamaru stone|300Hx480Lx300Dmm|SOLD

New Zealand Garden and Art Festival 2016

New family of Alien Pets ready for departure to Tauranga on Wed, 16 Nov.

I am working on my next family for the AlienPets Series for Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival 2016 in Tauranga. 17-20 November 2016.

Shapeshifter Sculpture 2016

My pets are installed at Shapeshifter 2016.

CLAUDE – is the old wise one. He has the cross on his back from the Knights Templar. He is vulture/peacock body with the ancient Sphinx feet.

ELEMOON – is the musician. With her Violin, Cello back, Piano legs and Accordion backside.

KARSHA – is the puppy, looking for someone to play with. Her playmate Poptar is in the glasshouse at Shapeshifter. Keep a lookout for her. She is the baby of the family.

Installed Shapeshiter 2016

26 February – 20 March
Lower Hutt Riddiford Gardens

I am working on my creatures to go in this years Shapeshifter in Lower Hutt.
Introducing Elemoon, Claude, Karsha. All made from Oamaru stone.

Facet Dog 2

Facet Dog 2 has gone to his new home.

Facet Dog 2|Oamaru Stone|SOLD
Facet Dog 2|Oamaru Stone|SOLD

Leopard 2

Leopard 2 is finally in her new home. She is in a lovely setting with Native bush, sheep, Hazel the dog and a lovely family. I think she will be very happy there.

Leopard 2
Leopard 2

Thinker goes to ‘Scape Sculpture Park

‘Scape Sculpture Park is now closed.

Thinker is on site at ‘Scape Sculpture Park in 91 Parenga Road, RD 2 Otaki 5582, New Zealand.

Thinker with Bee‘Scape Sculp­ture Park is located on pri­vate prop­erty in rural Kapiti. The Park’s own­ers, Snow Pratt and Bee Doughty-Pratt own the property.

View­ing of works exhib­ited at the Park will usu­ally occur dur­ing one of the sched­uled Exhi­bi­tions —
The next exhibition is Kapiti Arts Trail Open Novem­ber 15 Sat­ur­day & 16 Sun­day
Their website is


Facet Dog Expressions

Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre

836 Fergusson Drive
Upper Hutt
28 June – 10 August 2014 | Mount Marua Gallery

Shapeshifter 2014

Shapeshifter ends 16 March. If you haven’t been yet it is open every day from 11am to 7pm.

On site at Shapeshifter 2014 sculpture exhibition

It was a nerve racking day for me watching my sculpture being loaded up.
When we got there I nervously approached an official looking person to ask where I should go. He instantly put my fears at rest with his warmth and friendliness. As the day progressed I found that this was standard behaviour from all the staff who are the Lower Hutt Rotary people. Everything was well organised, delicious food and caring people. I was taken to my spot which was perfect and exactly what I had asked for. The wonderful forklift came and the cat was put in place and looks very happy there.

Shapeshifter 2014

I am working on my sculpture for the Shapeshifter exhibition in 22 Feb – 17 Mar.
My biggest fear at the moment is how to get my sculpture to the show safely.

Shivaun’s Studio and Gallery 1st Opening

We had a beautiful day for the very first exhibition opening at Shivaun’s Studio and Gallery.
On display was my Amur Leopard sculpture and my fellow artists artwork of drawings and paintings; Paul Nicholson, Bridgette Williams and Julia Clapham.
Madison Hogan and Derrick Auyoung sang for us and Cheryl Johansen read a moving poem.
It was a lovely day and I will be having more events and exhibitions in the future.

Studio Open

My art studio and gallery is open by appointment. 04 563 6444 or 027 428 8444


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