I am interested in the idea of pairs like The Foo Dog sculptures. A pair of objects at peoples entrance ways to greet visitors, saying something about the people who live here. At present there is only one sculpture. It can be stood up against a wall or laid flat. Too me the upstanding way looks like a crown. Laying flat looks like a paw. I would love to make it’s other half for anyone inspired by this work.
Dual. Oamaru stone. 2019. H290xW210xD190mm. SOLD


This is Junctions. I have an idea of water falling and meeting and then heading off in a different directions.
Junctions. Oamaru stone. 2019. H730xW200xD200mm. SOLD

Moving Through

My idea is of a ship moving through the sea, a wave underneath. A stylised infinity symbol on it’s back.
Moving Through. Oamaru stone. 2019. H210xW340xD190mm. SOLD



PERISHA|Oamaru Stone|470x300x350mm|SOLD


Gosia|Oamaru Stone|H300xL470xD300mm|NFS

Gosia|Oamaru Stone|H300xL470xD300mm|$1200
Gosia|Oamaru Stone|H300xL470xD300mm|$1200
Gosia|Oamaru Stone|H300xL470xD300mm|$1200
Gosia|Oamaru Stone|H300xL470xD300mm|$1200
Marla|Oamaru Stone|SOLD
Marla|Oamaru Stone|SOLD


Strands of Time

The Strands of Time

Strands of Time. 2015
Oamaru Stone, 1200x500x550mm

The Strands of Time is a sculpture for the Kooge family.

Designed for their 35th wedding anniversary. Its purpose is to show their meaning of the strong family/whanua approach they have to their family that extends to friends and then to the people they have met on their life journey together.
The design started out as an abstract boat. Water has featured strongly in their lives over the years. They had their little runabout boat, loved swimming and water activities with the children as they were growing up. I said, “ I was having trouble putting the children into the boat”. Jordan, one of the adult-children said, “That doesn’t matter, we were hardly in the boat anyway, we were outside swimming”.
I kept abstracting the design down to water and then the waves of the ocean. I wanted the waves to have a sense of movement and curl into each other creating a sense of movement, love, and beauty. The three waves can be combined together to tell their family story. Behind the waves is part of the ship sailing slowly through the water, a metaphor for sailing through life.
There are three waves. The top wave curls to the front over the other waves. This wave represents the grandparents. They travelled to New Zealand by ship, one grandparent, Steve’s Father, coming from the Netherlands and Anne’s great-grandparents came from Ireland. The next wave is Steve and Anne and lower wave is their three children. The little half moons are the grandchildren to come. The curling of the waves into each other creates a sense of safety and how they support each other yet able to move along their own paths.The Kooge family are a strong catholic family. The three waves also symbolise, The Father, the son, and the holy spirit.I feel the sculpture also has a sense of calm that comes with 35 years of getting to know each other, acceptance of life’s foibles, a sense of accomplishment and achievement.




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