Artist Statement


Shivaun’s work has a modern Art Deco feel. She has a passion for Art Deco and this shows through in her work with the strong contrasts of shapes, precision lines, bold geometric shapes and textures. Inspiration also comes by osmosis from the New Zealand hills and mountains.

I work in Oamaru Stone which is limestone.
I was introduced to sculpting and Oamaru stone by joining a sculpture symposium. Remembering my first time – as I stood on the stone and took my first hit with the chisel and mallet, I felt, “This is me”.
I start with a sketch. I choose a block of stone roughly the finished size. I mark up the stone using the sketch and proceed to cut off the big pieces and then refine the stone down using chisels, rasps and other tools ending with sandpaper.
I enjoy the process of reducing the stone to get the sculpture out. Along the way, the stone and I wrestle our way to the result.
I love the problem solving aspect that the stone throws my way. “I think this surprise aspect stops me doing ‘what I always do’.”
Many mornings I wake up with a picture in my head of what to do next. “Sometimes it’s a clear vision to proceed or a warning saying what I did yesterday just won’t work. I don’t like these mornings. A slight panic can set in as once the stone has gone, it’s gone! If it’s “back to the drawing board”, I’ll leave it for a while, start a new piece, and come back to it when it becomes obvious again. The end result is usually a pleasant surprise.

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