Shapeshifter 2014


My Amur Leopard has sold. I hope to see him prowling around in his new home.


Zig Zag man has sold.

Published by Shivaun

Shivaun’s Artist Statement I live and work in Lower Hutt. My artwork has a strong Art Deco style. (Early 20th century.) I was drawn to this aesthetic before I even knew it had a name. The clean cut lines, curves and symnetry brings a sense of intrigue to my eye. The inspiration for my work comes from what I see around me. I currently work with Oamaru Stone. The medium lends itself to straight lines and curves. I love the problem solving aspect of reductive sculpting. It keeps me guessing to the end what the final sculpture will look like. I feel the stone and I create the piece together. I have work in Private and public collections inluding The Wallace Arts Trust. I have a degree in graphic design and illustration, Bdes.

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