Thinker goes to ‘Scape Sculpture Park

Thinker is on site at ‘Scape Sculpture Park in 91 Parenga Road, RD 2 Otaki 5582, New Zealand.

Thinker with Bee.

‘Scape Sculp­ture Park is located on pri­vate prop­erty in rural Kapiti. The Park’s own­ers, Snow Pratt and Bee Doughty-​Pratt own the property.
View­ing of works exhib­ited at the Park will usu­ally occur dur­ing one of the sched­uled Exhi­bi­tions —
The next exhibition is Kapiti Arts Trail Open Novem­ber 15 Sat­ur­day & 16 Sun­day
Their website is

My First Opening

Shivaun’s Studio and Gallery 1st Opening

We had a beautiful day for the very first exhibition opening at Shivaun’s Studio and Gallery.
On display was my Amur Leopard sculpture and my fellow artists artwork of drawings and paintings; Paul Nicholson, Bridgette Williams and Julia Clapham.
Madison Hogan and Derrick Auyoung sang for us and Cheryl Johansen read a moving poem.
It was a lovely day and I will be having more events and exhibitions in the future.

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